The PAC-Kit!
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A Planner Designed
with Kids in Mind

Is your child disorganized?

Does he forget to write down his homework?

Are her assignments written down incorrectly?

Did he leave his math book at school - again?

Introducing to The PAC-kit, a downloadable planner
designed especially for kids that will
help your child get organized -

My name is Kayla Fay, and I'm the mother of four sons - some of them with ADHD. Homework used to be a nightmare in our home. Part of the problem was that the boys often couldn't - or didn't - copy their homework down correctly, or if they did, they left the needed books or materials at school.

You've been there - "In your spelling notebook, write sentences with each of the spelling words." And no list of words comes home, nor does the spelling notebook.

We bought planners, but the only kids' calendars I could find had tiny lines for writing, distracting images, and unnecessary information. With the planners we tried, the boys couldn't fit their assignments into the tiny blocks for each day. Even worse, because a whole week was on one page, sometimes they put their homework into the wrong block - or on the wrong page.

I wanted a calendar that had:
   •One page for each day, so the boys' large and messy handwriting would fit.
   •Separate blocks for each subject.
   •Places for notes to and from the teacher.
   •A way to help the boys remember what they needed to bring home.
   •A solution for when the planner got lost - again.

Since I couldn't find the perfect planner, I created one myself. Our first planner was handwritten in a marble composition book. But the results convinced me that we were on the right track! So I created another, improved version on the computer.

Over the years our original planner has evolved to meet the changing needs of our boys in different grades. This year, for the first time, I'm making this amazing planner available to you in a downloadable format. It's called The PAC-kit, and it will help your child PLAN to SUCCEED.

“The PAC-Kit is working wonderfully. He’s using it every day. For moms like us, it’s a huge accomplishment.”
- Klara, mother of son who "can’t organize his way out of a paper bag"
Just what we needed for our son. Thank you, thank you.
- Anna, mother of an 8th grader concerned about looking too 'kiddish'.

The PAC-kit will help you get your child organized - I guarantee it!

elementary_school_planner With The PAC-kit, you'll get downloadable daily dated calendar pages from now until the end of the 2021 school year!

Each calendar kit features:

•Dated pages with one day per page format, giving lots of room for kids to write BIG.

•A simple, uncluttered design without distracting images and information.

•Space for your child to write down homework and the books and supplies needed to complete it.

Checklist blocks to ensure that each item is packed - and done.

•A place for notes to and from school.

Color coded spaces for each subject.

•A system to remind you and your child of upcoming tests and projects.

•Special, goal-setting pages for the weekend.

The PAC-kit is only $24.95,
a low price for a tool that will help your child PLAN to SUCCEED!

Imagine, your child coming home with all homework written down in the correct spot, with all books and materials ready to get down to work. You'll be one step closer to this happening at your house with The PAC-kit!

Since The PAC-kit is downloadable, you can print only the pages you need. The PAC-kit's 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch size, makes it difficult to misplace, but we know how kids can be. If your child loses The PAC-kit, you can simply print another.

"(My son) uses one day at a time. When all work is complete and he is ready for the next day, he tears off "yesterday" and starts fresh. I cannot thank you enough! The planner has made a huge difference in how I handle and relate to my son. You are a lifesaver! ”
- Susie, mom from Indiana

But that's not all! With The PAC-kit you receive:

•Instant, online access to the calendar for an entire year starting with THIS month, so you can use it for all your children.

•Instructions on how to create and maintain timelines for projects and long reading assignments.

•Study helps, such as multiplication table sheets.

•Special pages for spelling lists, behavior contracts, reading logs and more!

•Our GUARANTEE of your satisfaction. Try The PAC-kit for eight weeks. If you aren't pleased with your purchase for any reason, we'll refund your money, no questions asked!

The PAC-kit will help you get your child organized - I guarantee it!

FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL, The PAC-kit is your solution to your child's organizational challenge! The uncluttered design is simple enough for the youngest grades, yet doesn't look at all childish, so your older students can use it as well.

Are you ready to get your child organized?! Simply purchase The PAC-kit, download and choose the pages you need for your child. Print the pages and place them into a two pocket/three prong folder. Don't waste another minute.

Help your child PLAN to SUCCEED!

For more ways to help your child be focused, organized, encouraged and successful, visit our website at Questions or comments about The PAC-kit should be directed to kayla at
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